Wondercise Training Services

Wondercise provides livecasting and streaming of training programs for all users. When connected to the internet, users are allowed access to different types of training programs through the Wondercise Training Services without ads via their personal mobile devices. Training videos are regularly updated to provide with new workout challenges!

Technically no, users may still access and follow along with the program as long as they are subscribed to Wondercise.

However, we strongly recommend that the Wondercise Tracker Band is used in conjunction with the APP to reap full benefits of the Wondercise Training system. The Wondercise APP will sync with the Tracker Band to track your movements, heart rate, and related data to analyze and grade your workout results after each training. Without the Tracker Band, users would be unable to obtain training feedback from Wondercise

Wondercise Training Services currently provides a “VIP Membership” option, with an upcoming “Premium Membership” upgrade, we’ll be providing more unexpected features and functions for users to enjoy. Stay tuned and find out more details on memberships here.

Members can subscribe to Wondercise services through iOS, Android or the Wondercise official website.
If you choose to continue subscription when subscribed to the Wondercise VIP, your subscription will automatically renew according to the service you purchased through the pre-authorized payment method on the next billing date.

  • Subscribe through iOS

    1. Go to Account > tap “Subscribe Now”
    2. Choose Your Subscription Plan.
    3. Enter your Apple ID password to complete subscription.
  • Subscribe through Android

    1. Go to Account > tap “Subscribe Now”
    2. Choose Your Subscription Plan.
    3. Go to the payment page to set up your payment method.
    4. You are successfully subscribed once the payment has been completed.
  • Subscribe through the Wondercise Official Website

    1. Click “Join Wondercise VIP” on the Home page.
    2. Choose Your Subscription Plan.
    3. Log in or Sign up to continue.
    4. Go to the payment page to set up your payment method.
    5. You are successfully subscribed once the payment has been completed.

If you are already subscribed to Wondercise VIP, your payment will be processed on the next billing date according to your monthly or yearly subscription option. If you wish to change the billing date, you would have to cancel subscription first, wait for your subscription to end, then re-subscribe on the new date on which you wish to be billed.

  • iOS Devices

    For any subscription purchased through the iTunes App Store on an iOS device, please cancel directly on the App Store. We cannot assist with cancellation in these cases.

    1. Go to “Settings” on your iOS device.
    2. Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen, and choose “iTunes & App Store”.
    3. Tap your Apple ID > choose “View Apple ID”. (You might have to enter password to proceed.)
    4. Tap “Subscriptions” > and choose “Wondercise”.
    5. Tap “Cancel Subscription” to unsubscribe.
  • Android Devices and Wondercise Official Website

    For purchases through Android devices or the Wondercise official website, please follow the following steps to cancel subscription.

    • Android

      1. Open the Wondercise App
      2. Tap “Account & Records” > tap “My Account”
      3. In “Membership Status” > tap “Cancel Subscription”
    • Wondercise Website

      1. Log in to your Wondercise account.
      2. Go to Account.
      3. Click “Cancel Subscription” on Profile page


Members can view their current subscription status on the Wondercise official website.

  • Go to the Wondercise official website and log into your account.
  • Go to Account and Choose Profile.
  • On the Profile page, you can view your membership status, including subscription status, Subscription plan, Payment method, Expiry date, and Billing history.

Follow the steps below to change your password on the Account page:

  • Go to Wondercise official website and log into your account.
  • Go to Account and Choose Profile.
  • Click “Change Password”.
  • Enter your existing password, then enter and confirm your new password to complete the process.

Please follow the steps below to view your Wondercise product ID:

  • Visit APP Store or Google Play to download and install the Wondercise APP.
  • For new APP users, please create an Account first. For user with an existing account, please log in.
    After loggin to your account, go to Account > My Device, and Click the plus icon“+”.
  • Place your Wondercise Tracker Band close to your smartphone. Your Product ID information will be shown on the listing.

Membership Card

The Wondercise Training Services VIP Membership Card (here referring to the physical card, referred to as “VIP Card” below), is a physical card sold to users for redeeming Wondercise VIP memberships.

You may download the Wondercise APP by scanning the QR Code found on the Wondercise VIP Membership Card. To redeem the Wondercise VIP membership, go to “Account > Redeem VIP Membership”, after downloading and opening the Wondercise APP.

The redemption deadline for the Wondercise VIP is shown on each VIP Card. Please gently peel and scrape the card to reveal your serial number and scan the QR code, follow the instructions to redeem your Wondercise VIP benefits. If a membership is not redeemed before the shown deadline, it is therefore expired and you have automatically forfeited the right to redeem the Wondercise VIP. Wondercise is not responsible for unredeemed VIP memberships.

Please visit Wondercise VIP Card Terms of Service for more detail on membership cards.

To redeem, open the Wondercise APP, go to “Account > Redeem VIP Membership”, then enter your serial number to verify; once verified, you have successfully redeemed and activated your Wondercise VIP.


Wondercise occationally offers exclusive rewards or package deals that are available through events or purchases. These offers will be given to users as reedemable coupons, such as a 30-Day Free Trial coupon.

To read more on coupons, please visit:
Wondercise VIP Coupon Terms and Conditions

Wondercise coupons cannot be redeemed if you are already subscribed through iTunes. If you currently have a paid Wondercise subscription using iTunes, you would have to cancel your current subscription, then head to the Wondercise website to resubscribe and redeem your coupon.

Yes. Wondercise coupons will have varying expiry dates according to the details provided at the time it was given. Expiration details and deadlines will be shown on the coupon you have recieved.

If you previously do not have a paid subscription with Wondercise, your subscription will automatically continue once your coupon is no longer active. A monthly subscription fee will be billed to your chosen payment method each month unless you unsubscribe from Wondercise VIP. Login to your Wondercise account, choose "Unsubscribe", and follow the insctructions to cancel your subscription.

You may cancel your Wondercise subscription at any time, and will be able to continue using Wondercise services until your coupon is no longer active.

Head to the Wondercise website and enter your coupon code while you subscribe. Then complete your subscription to redeem your Wondercise VIP membership.

Steps on redeeming your coupon:

  • Head to the "Join Wondercise" page on the Wondercise website.
  • Choose your subscription method, then click "Sign up" or "Log in" to your account.
  • After logging in, enter your coupon code into the coupon box on the subscription confirmation page. Then click "Check" to verify your code and coupon details (you will then be shown the expiry date of your coupon).
  • Complete your subscription process to activate your coupon.

Wondercise Tracker Band

Please use the USB charging cable that comes with your Wondercise band. While connecting the charging cable to your band, plug the other end to the USB port of computers or certified USB wall charger.
To prevent potential product damage, do not use USB hub or power bank to charge your fitness band.

With a full charge, the battery lasts for over 160 hours under normal usage, which is equivalent to 30 times of continuous 30-minute trainings.

Low Battery Alert

Please charge your Wondercise immediately when the low battery warning alert shows.

When the battery percentage is lower than 5%, your Wondercise Tracker Band will enter low-power protection mode and stop data collections and notifications.
Charging time takes approximately 1-2 hours based on the remaining battery power.

During battery charging, Wondercise will stop data collection and notification functions.
Please remove the charging cable when the battery is fully charged.

Wondercise Interface display instruction
  • General Notifications
    Idle Alert
    Calories Burned
    Heart Rate
    Goal Achieved
  • Battery Notifications
  • Tracker Band Binding
    Tap to start binding
    Device is set up.
  • Training Mode
    Start Training
    Training Completed

Wondercise Setup

Go to APP Store or Google Play to download the Wondercise APP and create an account. Then, follow the steps to set up Wondercise tracker bands. After logging into the Wondercise APP, go to Account >My Device to set up your Wondercise band.

Please turn on your device’s Bluetooth function and open the Wondercise App, your smartphone will search for nearby Tracker Bands to connect. When your the band is connected, a Bluetooth icon will appear on the band’s screen.

Once the Wondercise APP is downloaded, you will be prompted to set up your tracker band step by step in the APP.
Or you can go to Account to set up by following these steps.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth function of your smartphone
  2. Go to Account >My Device
  3. Tap + to add your Wondercise tracker band
  4. Confirm the Product ID of your Wodnercise tracker band, and tap the band image on the APP to set up.
  5. When the band is connected, the Bluetooth connection icon will show on the band screen.
  6. Tap the bottom of the band screen to complete pairing.

Your tracker band will vibrate or use your mobile phone’s ringtones to alert you at the time specified. Set up to 4 alarms on your device to occur once or on multiple days of the week.

Wondercise allows up to 4 alarm settings. At the time specified, the tracker band will vibrate 5 times to alert you. If you have set up a ringtone on the APP, it will alert you with the APP’s alarm sound.

The Tracker Band will vibrate when you've been sedentary for over an hour. Just get up and walk for a couple minutes to reset the timer.

You can decide to wear the band on your left or right wrist. When you change the wrist setting, the display direction on the band screen will be adjusted automatically and accordingly.

It takes from a couple of minutes to an hour for firmware updates. Please make sure the devices’ battery level is adequate before updating.


  • Heart Rate Measurement

    To measure heart rate:
    Switch the band interface to heart rate display, then press the side of the screen for 1-2 seconds to activate the heart rate sensor. It takes about 10-20 seconds for a proper measurement. If successfully measured, your heart rate will then be shown on the screen.

    If the Tracker Band fails to measure heart rate, please check if it is worn too loose or in the wrong position.

  • What is Resting Heart Rate?

    Resting Heart Rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute while your body is at complete rest.
    According to the American Heart Association, normal resting heart rate for adults is averaged between 60 to 80 beats per minute. Conditioned athletes and other highly fit individuals might have normal resting heart rates of 40 to 60 beats per minute, because training programs that build speed, fitness, muscle and endurance can also train your heart muscles to pump a higher volume of blood with each heartbeat.

The function enables running data collection, which includes time, distance, heart rate and calories burned. Tap the “Run” icon to enter Running mode menu and tap “Start”.
Reminder: For more accurate data collection, please carry your smartphone while running, and keep its GPS positioning on.

Set up your goal.

Setup your goal for challenges. The defaulted goal setting is 10,000 steps per day, and you can adjust your goal step-count as follows:

  • Adjust in Device Setup

    1. Tap Account > My Device> Device Setup
    2. Tap Goal Setting and enter your goal of steps per day
    3. Tap Save to save changes
  • Adjust in Walk Mode

    1. Tap the Walk Mode Menu
    2. Tap 「」 to open Goal Setting
    3. Enter your daily step-count goal
    4. Tap Save to save changes

  • During bed time, your tracker band will record the total hours of sleep you get, and analyse your sleep quality, differentiating between deep sleep and light sleep. You can find more details on the Sleep page.
  • Your tracker band won’t vibrate for calls, messages and idle alerts while you sleep, and will only show notifications on screen.


Once the band is bound to your smartphone, the band will vibrate and display a call icon align-bottom on screen to notify you of incoming calls.

To dismiss incoming call notifications, go to My Account > Device Setup to turn off this function.

Once the band is bound to your smartphone, the band will vibrate and display a message icon align-bottom on screen to notify you of messages.

To dismiss message notifications, go to My Account > Device Setup to turn off this function.

Wondercise Training Mode

When a Wondercise Training starts, your band will vibrate and display on screen, which means your movement is being recorded. If the training is paused, shows up.Once the training is completed, will appear on the band’s screen.

Start Training
Training Completed

If you click Pause during a training session, you can either: exit the current training session; switch audio (we currently provide English and Chinese audio); replay the current training video; choose screen output to display and watch training videos on Apple TV or other TV devices.

Choose Audio

Do you have Chromecast or Apple TV?

  • If you’re using an iOS device...

    Before playing videos, open control center by swiping up (or down, depending on your device model) on your iOS device. Choose the Screen Mirroring function, then choose the Chromecast or Apple TV device connected to your TV.

  • If you’re using an Android device...

    Play video, pause the video and find the icon, after tapping the icon you will be prompted to choose an output device, then you may output the video through a Chromecast device onto your TV.

  • Connecting to TV with an HDMI cable

    To complete cable connection, you have to obtain the following:

    • HDMI cable
    • HDMI adapter for your mobile device
    • TV model that supports HDMI functions
    • Mobile device that supports HDMI functions

    You may connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the back of your TV, then connect your Android device with the other end of the cable. This lets you output your phone screen onto the TV screen, syncing of the two screens will support video and image resolutions of up to 1080P.

Note that interface and features might differ depending on the model and software of above mentioned device(s).

The APP and Tracker Band will compare your workout results with the instructor’s moves and automatically provide a score after each workout.
Examine the differences between your performance and the instructor’s through the analysis chart, and make improvements in your future trainings.


Thank you for purchasing the Wondercise tracker band.
Wondercise comes with a one year limited warranty from the date of purchase, which provides maintenance of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. Warranty does not cover unauthorized disassembly, maintenance or repair by use of unauthorized spare parts.
For maintenance requests, please contact the Wondercise Customer Service Team or Authorized Local Agents.